About us

The Integra Group came to be after its owners identified an opportunity within the South African market to do things differently. With 18 years experience in the ICT industry and its owners working and investing abroad for many years, the focus was to bring to South Africa an independent technology company that will provide its market with unbiased IT advisory services focused on leading world-class technologies and innovative IT solutions.

Most South African Technology Companies operating in our space link themselves to one or two brands or products, pushing as much out of “it” as possible trying to meet sales targets. This strategy provides one-dimensional advice with limited options to customers who really wanted to be brought into the light on their options and “see the bigger picture”.

The Integra Group aims to provide exactly that. A full view of the customer’s situation via our comprehensive Voice, Data and Print Audits and if so required, also a range of options to choose from with all the capabilities and limitations made transparent to the client. Tailored solutions that fit the budget and increases our clients’ competitive edge.

Our name says it all, “Integra” Latin word for Integrity. All our advisory services and more are done so with the utmost integrity. We also have an Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy in place shared between our clients and our staff.