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OneTeleCom Mobile Connectivity

OneTelecom offers Converged Mobile Data Management Services and solutions to the enterprise market space.

Mobility, IoT and M2M communications are ever increasing and managing this space in any business is becoming a priority.


Enterprise Mobility Challenges

The modern enterprise typically has hundreds or thousands of mobile devices in the field, which can create major challenges for IT administrators in terms of spend control, management, and security.

Some of these challenges include:

Spend Control

  • Real-time reporting on data usage is not readily available, nor accurate
  • Spend limits are not enforced reliably, often resulting in bill-shocks
  • It is not possible to top-up or lock down employee data use


  • Enterprise admins and financial controllers require a consolidated view of data usage broken down by department and by employee, sometimes across multiple networks.


  • Exposing back-office systems to open access from the internet is risky and leaves systems vulnerable to attack.

Our solution to these challenges and more is a Converged Data Management Platform

The Converged Data Management Platform addresses these challenges as a cloud based, multi-tenant modular platform designed for mobility management. Our Platform reaches millions of users daily and is used by various Telco’s both nationally and internationally.

The solution is made up of various components:

APN as a Software Service

Which provides our clients, if required, with APN services without having to invest in an APN of their own.

Managed Radius

Which means that our platform authenticates all your APN SIMs (whether on customer’s private APN or our APN as a service offering) on multiple GSM networks giving near to real-time raw feed from the core network allowing total visibility.

Policy Control

Which allows our customers to predefine their own usage policy control on multiple levels with firewall availability to secure content and site access.

User Portal

For granular management where clients can easily access various dashboards displaying useful info.

Quota / Bundle Management

Which is time and/or volume based.


Together these components give the enterprise IT admin total visibility and control over data usage, even across multiple networks.

We also offer:

  • APN Voice Calls, which allow free interbranch/user communication via our cross connected SIP network.
  • Geofencing to limit SIM access to certain areas only.
  • DTMF services for signalling between legacy devices.
  • Tracking abilities via radio tower triangulation
  • USSD access to manage user limits and more via a USSD menu. (i.e., *115# from any cellular device)
  • SMS Gateways


The CDMP solution offers the following benefits:


Near real-time usage control and spend management


Single point of management, reporting and billing for mobile data users across multiple networks

Risk Management

Bill shock exposure is reduced


Dedicated APN connectivity ensures devices aren’t exposed to open Internet