Business Units

Voice & Data

The Integra Group‘s Voice and Data Division, focuses on the latest in Voice Communications Systems and High Speed Uncontended Data Solutions.

Fibre Solutions

Microwave Solutions

Wireless Solutions

E-0-MPLS Networking

Tier 1 communications

E-0-MPLS Networking is our strong point and tailors a voice and/or data solution that meets not only our customer’s specification, but always come in below our customer’s expected price point assisting with bottom line savings. Be sure to ask for our many case studies on this topic.

Our voice networks department has the ability to provide Tier 1 communications; these operate on only the best dedicated data platforms that guarantee uptime on an SLA. We provide only the best in HD quality voice (MOS rating 4) with POPI compliant Voice Recording, Caller ID, and many more to help manage risk and reduce overall communication costs. On average, help our customers to save 59% on Voice Calls.

We provide Fibre, Microwave, and other Wireless Solutions from speeds of 1MBps up to 1GBps, uncapped and unshaped to our clients.

We boast with various Top South African Companies on our portfolio. We are proud to be associated with various leading Data ISPs and are authorised agents with internal support staff ready to help solve any challenges.